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Krazy Korean “Thinking”

Posted: July 24, 2011 in culture

Asians don’t think like Caucasians. Koreans certainly don’t.

Here’s just one example among dozens showing the difference in the thought processes between Caucasians and Koreans.

Less than 20% of the land in South Korea is level. And much of that land is used for growing crops. Buildings and roads take up much of the rest of the land that is not arable.

That leaves very little land left-over for parking spaces for the ever increasing number of cars Koreans are buying. (Mostly by borrowing – but we’ll address that in another missive.)

Consequently, parking spaces are at a premium. Cars, particular at night around the thousands of apartment buildings that cover the Korean landscape, are hard to park. Double and even triple parking is common. When double parked, cars are left in neutral so that the drivers of the blocked in vehicles can push the parked vehicles out of the way.

Being able to back in when parking to make it easy to pull out when leaving would help alleviate the problem of the lack of parking space available.

You would think it would, if you were Caucasian.

But, for some reason, Koreans think the exhaust fumes of the vehicles, if backed in, will damage the vegetation. Yup. That’s right. The exhaust of the cars and trucks if allowed to back-in to a parking space will harm the plants.

Here’s the proof of that belief:

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The blue Hyundai above got a sticker in front of my apartment for backing in.

The yellow sticker is stuck on the windshield with adhesive. Tough to get off.

Without a straight edge razor blade, that is.

Vehicles have been spotted with several of those stickers on the windshield. Unlike us Caucasians, most Koreans haven’t figured out that a flat edged razor blade removes the sticker quickly and easily.


Parking is a problem all over Korea

Neither have they figured out that simply starting up your car in front of the vegetation is not going to damage the plant life.

Get a klue Koreans.