The Garbage of Gimhae South Korea

Posted: July 16, 2011 in culture

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Typical Street Scene in Oedong Gimhae S. Korea

Typical Street Scene in Oedong Gimhae S. Korea

In our multicultural world, we Caucasians have been led to believe that, other than skin color, people of different races are the same as Caucasians, that all races are equal.

We have also been fed the lie that “diversity is our strength,” meaning, as Caucasian nations are inundated with non-white people, our white nation will grow stronger. That somehow allowing non-whites to invade our nations, that race mixing, miscegenation and the dilution of  our race and culture is good for us.

While living and working in Korea for five years, one gets to know the Koreans, Korean customs, Korean culture, Korean “thinking,” or lack thereof, Korean ways and how Koreans treat each other and foreigners.

From this unique insider perspective this site will provide  ample evidence showing how Koreans are not the same as Caucasians:  their culture, their ways, their thinking and their treatment of foreigners are not the same as Caucasians; in fact, they are not even close.

Koreanssuck will show how Caucasians mixing with Koreans has only and will only benefit Koreans, not Caucasians.

Koreanssuck will also show how Koreans are a  “Me First, Me Only and Me Now” ethnocentric race and have not bought into the multicultural deception and globalization “free trade” fraud like we gullible Caucasians have.

We naive Caucasians need to stop believing the lies and foolishness we’ve been fed all these years about “diversity,” multiculturalism, race mixing, free trade, globalization, the idea  “there is only one race, the human race,” and start acting in our own best interests.

After all, Koreans do. In fact, as this site will show, Koreans believe it is their duty to put Korea first. If putting their interests first is their right, why isn’t it also the right – and duty – of us Caucasians to put our interests first?

If the Caucasian race doesn’t come to its collective senses about these deceptions, and soon, our customs, our culture, our way of life, in short, our race, will be destroyed.

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btw: Meekook is the Korean term for American. Why is it quite acceptable for Koreans to refer to others as ***kooks, but we Caucasians can’t refer to Koreans as “gooks?”