Why this blog

This meekook (is American in Korean) spent 12 years in Asia,

five of those years living in Korea.

Upon first arriving in South Korea, my opinion of Koreans was neutral. I neither liked or disliked Koreans.

I did notice one strange things almost immediately: Koreans don’t look at or acknowledge others when they encounter them in public. It’s like you’re not there. I found the Korean “you don’t exist” behavior to be strange, even weird.

This failing to nod the head, smile or make eye contact when passing,  was quite a contrast to me, having lived six years in Thailand, the land of the smile. The Thais are known for their friendliness.

Right from the beginning, I thought the Koreans, when it came to friendliness to foreigners, was at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Thai people. After five years, I’m fully convinced the Koreans are way down the friendliness list. That assessment is coming from someone who has traveled in over two dozen countries, and lived in four.

Before my departure in mid-summer 2011,

I had acquired a growing dislike for Koreans and

all things Korean.

Some of the reasons for this dislike can be found within the

missives of Koreanssuck.


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