Koreans Suck is Not Alone

Posted: July 18, 2011 in culture, multiculturalism

Other sites, blogs and videos with the “Koreans Suck” message:

reason # 36 why korea sucks: buses

“im starting to loose the whole brand new place feel of this place. even though it sucked. it was still new… now the daunting task of spending a year in this place that is all new is sort of…. hitting me smack in the face.”

Your Daily Shot of Soju: 5 reasons why learning Korean sucks

3 – Word changes. There are a million ways to change a word. You can shorten syllables. You can add certain syllables. You can combine it with other words. This makes it incredibly difficult to listen to what people are saying, even when they are using words/roots that you know. Of course, if they know you know the word Malhaeyo, they expect you should know how to say Malhadudae or Malulhada. They get upset when I don’t.”

Teaching English in Korea Sucks

“I came to Korea a pretty calm and relaxed fellow. I will leave with a chip on my shoulder. The only way you can get the Koreans to attempt to do what you want is by beating them over the head with a logic club. Mildly ineffective, but they need some common sense more than they need English teachers.”

I Told You Koreans Were F*cking ***holes…

“Hyundai. Kia. Daewoo. Some of the shittiest cars in the world are made and sold by these bloated, inefficient conglomerates. Copycat designs, blatant shameless copying of other cars’ styling cues, unsophisticated engineering and pretentious, ignorant advertising.”

Dude, I thought I was the only one that was just SICK of korea. Your views pushed me to create my own website to document my time in Korea when I get ready to leave soon. http://www.koreafuckingsucks.com Yea, you heard me. http://www.KoreaFuckingSucks.com

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